Venue StylingVenue Styling

If you are planning to hold your prom within your school hall or gym. You may want to consider adding a bit of sparkle to create a really special atmosphere for the pupils.

Depending upon your budget, this could be anything from adding a few balloons to going all out and creating a themed evening. Depending upon your choice, there are lots of special touches that you can add that won’t break the bank. Simple ideas could be decorative fabrics draped over all tables with a scattering of glittery stars added?

There are lots of local hire companies in Kent that will provide a multitude of lovely, low cost items, such as silver or gold sprayed trees and coordinated wall drapes. Don’t forget to also speak to your DJ about what special lighting effects he or she can provide to create a great atmosphere.

If you are using an external venue for your prom, then your venue may well be already decorated to a high standard, but do speak to them about it anyway, as they may have additional décor they can add to make for a more glamorous evening.